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Dawn rises over the desert and slowly the colours change revealing an enchanting landscape which reminds the lowly human how small she really is. The sun begins to rise high above the earth and winter night's frost is sucked back into ...Read More

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It is hard not to believe the media these days, convincing as it may be, and Iran, as we all know, gets dealt a heavy hand when it comes to coverage. However after crossing the border from Armenia into Iran, ...Read More

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Nestled into a nook in a luscious forested valley, lies the remains of an old Kurdish village. Rough handcrafted rock walls, grassy plateaus and fruit trees are all that remain. Climbing over knee high crumbling walls, one can easily imagine ...Read More

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Crossing the border from Turkey into Georgia, while the dense, lush bush and jagged cliffs and bluffs remain the same, culturally it is a world away. Leaving the Muslim fast of Ramadan in Turkey, 10km behind, Georgia is the polar opposite. ...Read More

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Driving through mountainous Armenia, the Soviet influence is all too evident. Cold, industrial apartment blocks blacken with age and mildew, decrepit Ladas lurch to a stop next to a water fountain, the owners hurriedly rush to fill bottles and relieve ...Read More


Howling Owl wishes everyone a happy Eid holiday! We are off on a motorcycle trip across Kurdistan, see you on return. Read More

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A recent trip to Egypt proved yet again humanity's resilience in the face of hardship. Life was going on, if not as usual, then as best they could make it. The bustling bazaar showed no signs of slowing down, and this ...Read More

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Iraq, often dubbed the 'cradle of civilisation', has a wealth of historical treasures within its borders. Ancient Iraq was home to the first known civilisation, the Sumerians, in the 4th millennium BC, and has since been occupied by numerous other ...Read More

On the road.

Our apologies, as you may have noticed that Howling Owl dropped out of the cyber world for two months as we jetted off on our trusty motorbike in an endeavor to see some wild places and gain some stamps in ...Read More


Howling Owl is excited to release our documentary 'Happy Eid' or 'Jazna te Piruzbit' in Kurdish. This short documentary was filmed in Presa village, in the Barzan mountains in Iraqi Kurdistan (Northern Iraq), and gives an insight into the Muslim ...Read More